Continental Dishes

Toasted Sandwiches

Club Sandwich

"A choice of bacon, ham,turkey,or chopped chicken breast with eggs, tomatoes,and coleslaw"

Beef Fillet

"Shredded beef with mushroom, onion, green pepper on melted mozarella cheese"

Chicken Sub

"Marinated grilled chicken breast, mushroom, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles with mayonnaise"

Tuna Buna

"Tuna tossed with tomatoes, black olives, corn,chopped lettuces, with lemon mayonnaise"

Ham and Cheese

"choice of turkey or ham with mozarella cheese, lettuces and tomatoes"

Sausage Chicken

"Grilled sausage topped with cheese, lettuce, onion, ketchup and mustard"

Beef Fajita

"Sizzling strips of beef and vegetables, served with sour cream"

Chicken Fajita

"Sizzling strips of chicken,vegetables, served with our sour cream and cheese"